Friday, April 30, 2010

School Visitor

We had a visitor at school today. Jacob came to co-op and did some school things with us today. Overall, he had fun. He says that he plans on being homeschooled for 4th grade. Yahoo! Shawn wanted them both home or both in school next year. I feel that God is working hard around here!

Ryan also chose which butterfly he was sending to the butterfly project.

It took us two days to release the butterflies! We even tried to tease them to come out by putting food in the doorway of the treehouse. Three left, two stayed. The next day we hung up the Butterfy Treehouse and left for the afternoon. When we came home they had left.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boxcar Children and Butterfly Art!

Our Butterfly Lesson is tying in nicely with the Boxcar Children Book #2 Lesson. In the story the children are collecting items for their museum. One of their items is a butterfly. We also decided to do the Food Pyramid because of the variety food the children are eating in book. We will also keep a log of the fruits and vegetables that Ryan eats this week. Instead of a Pyramid I had Ryan separate the foods into the groups. This is also one of the items in the Tiger Cub Scout book so we have an added bonus of completing that requirement for Scouts!

Today we decided to do an art project that we saw on Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. Ryan had loads of fun making the butterflies. We only stopped because we ran out of thick art paper.

After all of that hard work we needed a snack!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Butterfly Project

Ryan's baby butterflies started to hatch today. When we left to run errands today they were still in hiding. We were doing some school work and I totally flipped out - there they were! I hope Ryan gets to see one out of the five come out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Butterfly Project

We are working on our butterfly garden. The darn caterpillars must have eaten part of the paper disk. I went to pull the lid off and we have large holes. The manufacture told me to lay the chrysalis on the floor of the tree house, right side up and that I do not need them hanging. My question – What is right side up? It all looks the same to me!

We also decided to add the life cycle of the butterfly in our Science Notebook. This was not a planned event. We took apart some easy readers we got on-line and cut them out (click here). Ryan also had to put them in the correct order. Ryan was the one telling me we needed to have two butterfly’s and I was like umm WHY? After he laid it out – I understood, he had the complete cycle of life. That’s my boy!