Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Road Trip 2011

Day 2

Well, we didn't get far.  The first day was a hard 9 hour drive so we could get half way to our destination.  Now, the motivation isn't as strong as it once was!  I really do not have to be in GA until Wednesday and it is Tuesday.  Technically, I could make it to GA no problem.  I just don't feel like driving that far today.  So, we go half way, again.

We pull into Nashville, TN.  Hey, why not go to the Grand Old Opry?  What! Sold out on a Tuesday night?   No worries...Lets go ride the Go Carts!  Thing 2 is actually tall enough this year to drive his own.  So excited.  Such a good mom, forgot the camera for this HUGE moment in his life.

Back to the hotel.  We decided to watch the finality of American Idol.  Tomorrow we will wake up early and head to GA to see my sister!

We might not be taking many pictures - but we are collecting rocks from each state.  I know, very exciting.

Stay tuned for more adventures, maybe!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road Trip 2011

I did something I never thought I would do.  I suggested to my husband that I drive our two boys from Minnesota to Georgia for our nephew’s high school graduation.  Not sure where the idea came from but it was there and I did it!  Yahoo for me!!

The 19 hour road trip was not that bad.  Nothing like the road trips of my childhood. Both boys had saved up their allowance to purchase their own iPod Touch.  They each purchased various TV shows, movies, games and music to prepare for the trip.  My plan: when batteries needed to be re-charged or bickering started we plugged in my old simple iPod.  I had gone to the library and downloaded a few audio books I wanted to read to the kids during the school year but had not gotten too.  Time flew by.

We did have two flat travelers accompany us on our travels.  They arrived from Texas a week before we left.  In Minnesota, we were in between seasons.  No more snowmobiles, playing in the snow or ice fishing.  It wasn’t warm enough for fishing, boating or swimming.  So, we brought them with us on our seven state trip.  Here they are in the front seat ready to go!

First stop – St. Louis, MO.  Nice view driving into the city. We also had the same view from our hotel room. My sweet hubby booked the boys and I a VERY NICE room while traveling without him.  He takes such good care of us.
After arriving at our hotel we ate, walked over to the arch and then went swimming.  The next morning we ate and walked back to the arch for a ride to the top.  

 Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am going on my third year of homeschooling.  WOW!  Has time flown by.  I still feel at times that I have no idea what I am doing but at the same time I have a level of confidence that I did not have three years ago. I, like most homeschooling parents, don't want to miss anything.  I quickly have to refocus because I know even at public or private schools something would get missed.  I know this is what God wants for our family otherwise it would not work.  It feels odd at times, homeschooling. Many of our friends and no one in either of our families have ever gone down this road.  I keep telling myself:  God put me on the path less traveled by and he put me here for a reason.  Do not fight him just keep going until he tells you to get off!  It is hard to get off when everyone keeps climbing on.  That is what happened last year.  My oldest asked to join his brother at home.  I thought maybe this year he would want to go back to public school because he would be at the Middle School, he wants to stay home.  He wants to stay on the path less traveled.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Homeschool Resources

Have you ever gone to look for something and could not find it because you had too many great resources?  I have.  My 'favorites folder' is so full it is starting to stress me out!  I mean, I do not want to get rid of it because one day I might actually need it.  That is why I put it there to begin with, it was important, right?   So, to destress me a bit I decided to post some of my  free resources that I saved the past few years.  I figure as I go through this home school adventure I will keep adding to the list below.


Grammar/Language Arts
KISS Grammar - You learn to analyze sentences using classic literature.
KISS Workbook -
Intermediate Language Lessons - Google Books:  Written in 1941 for 4th through 6th graders. It has picture studies, narration, poetry, dictation, outlining, composition, memorization and grammar.
Writing Prompts
Spelling - Dolch words and worksheets
Spelling City -type in your own list for on-line games and worksheets
Handwriting practice sheets
Spelling list by grade at HomeSpellingWords
Daily Grammar for grades 4-6

American History
GuestHollow - 2nd through 6th graders.  Literature based.
Powerpoint Presentation from pppst
On-line movies at Archiving Early America

GuestHollow - Human Body 2nd to 6th grade, can be used up to 8th
Handbook of Nature Study 
Mr. Q - Elementary Life Science curriculum

Living Books
Browse books by grades at Simply Charlotte Mason
Living Math Book List
Applie's Place - Living Science book list
Penny Gardner - Living Science book list
AmblesideOnline Library
A Book in Time 
Classic Scholar- kids books
Penny Gardner
1,000 Good Books

Drawing curriculum from Five J's


Scott Foresman's Curriculum

Full Curriculum
Lesson Pathways - You can use this as a full curriculum or you can supplement it with your current studies

Tons of various Workbox downloads at The Beehive blog
Homeschool Share

Lapbooks/Unit Studies/File Folder Games
Homeschool Share
School Express - sign up for the newsletter and each week receive a FREE thematic unit every week
Bible Story Printables

Character Lessons
A variety of weekly character projects at the Doorpost blog
KIDS of Integrity  - "Suitable for ages three to ten, Kids of Integrity is designed for maximum kid appeal! Each lesson features Bible-based discussions plus crafts, games, and object lessons from science, nature and even home cooking." per the Focus on the Family site.

School House Rocks 

Homeschool Forums
Hip Homeschool Moms
Homeschool Lounge
Well Trained Mind
Simply Charlotte Mason

On-Line Magazines for Homeschool Parents
The Homeschool Handbook
Heart of the Matter

Meal Planning
Eat at Home - She gives you a weeks worth of recipes and a shopping list!