Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eight Weeks of School!

I totally lost track of time on that one.  Here is what we have been working on the last eight weeks. I feel like I am missing a few things, but here it goes...

History ~ During our Egypt Unit we have made pyramids, food, colored, read a variety of books, watched a few shows on the pyramids, did an archeology dig, painted hieroglyphics on a cave wall, wrote our name in curtian and map work. The boys are also in a class at co-op where they have made a few projects about Egypt as well.  

Spelling ~  We are trying a new curriculum.  On the Homeschool Success blog she mentioned Sequential Spelling.  I downloaded the sample lesson from their website and found what I have been looking for.  I am super excited and the kids are too!  We do a spelling test each day and by the end of 8 days they should be able to spell 20 words.  The kids have not complained once about this which is a huge blessing. I can already see improvement with Ryan's spelling - yahoo!

Science ~ We are working on water animals and the solar system. Currently, the boys are working on a lapbook for the water animals, learning about water currents and air pressure.  We have fun experiments we have been doing. The boys are also in a class at co-op where they are learning about the Earth, rocks, etc.  We have also gone on field trips to The Works Museum and Underwater World.

Math ~ We just ordered the Teaching Textbooks math program for Jacob.  This is an on-line math program that teaches the problems, test, and grades.  Ryan is still in the Horizons 2 workbook and would love to be doing the Teaching Textbooks, but he needs to wait until next year.

Writing ~ We use the Writing with Ease program for both boys. I read a short story and ask the boys a series of questions. With this program Jacob’s comprehension has improved dramatically in such a short time. This program is helping Ryan more with putting his complete thought down on paper and using the correct punctuation during the writing segment since he already has a strong comprehension level.

Language ~ We use First Language Lessons. The boys memorize poems along with language rules, punctuation, look at art and I also have short stories to read and have the boys answer questions. Jacob says this is his favorite subject.  

Phonics ~ Both boys do the on-line Explode the Code.  I love this program. The kids have to type, spell, read and answer questions and ace the sounds.  The program grades them so I do not need to worry.  If they are having issues in a certain area the computer keeps adding that section back into the program until it is mastered.  

Reading ~ Ryan has read his first chapter book!   Jacob has quit complaining about reading and ask to read– progress!

Bible ~ We have been working hard on our morning routine.  We have our calendar time where Jacob looks up the bible verse on his own and each boy reads the verse from the bible.  We are also working hard on the Awana memory verses for their Wednesday classes at church.  

Handwriting ~ Ryan has his A Reason for Handwriting book and he does a page a day.  He also works on his handwriting with the Writing with Ease program.  Jacob has an Abeka cursive handwriting book where he does two pages a day along with handwriting in the Writing with Ease program.

Art ~ Artist Pursuits.  We had done the water coloring lesson. Our history and science classes seem to incorporate many art type projects.  At co-op the boys are in a Cub Scout class doing a variety of projects for pins and beltloops. 

GYM~ Jacob is in a Gym class at co-op where they play baseball.  At home, they are outside a lot playing kick ball, football, catch, bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc.  This is one area I do not need to ‘plan’ for.

Music ~ Jacob actually practices his drums now that he has the new set.  Ryan is in a music class at co-op and he has his piano lessons.  We have also gone to a few musical kid plays with the homeschool recess group.

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  1. Sounds like you have your hands full! I highly recommend Sequential Spelling. I am using it for my 2 and 3rd graders. I love Artist Pursuits, too!!! Thanks for stopping by...loveyour cute blog and can't wait to read more!

  2. You've been busy! Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Wrap-up!