Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Planting a Garden?

I would first like to point out that we try to garden. We really have no idea what we are doing.  Each year it's the same thing.  We buy some seeds, tomato and pepper plants. I call my parents and ask the same questions each year, "What way do the potatoes go into the ground again?".  We are excited, this year will be different, we will weed and care for the garden.  Yes, this year will be different.

So, here we are picking out our seeds when the love of my life suggest a science project!  Let the kids start growing the plants inside, record the growth and then we will all transplant them to the garden.  I tried to get excited, I mean he suggested a project for the kids.  I secretly wished he would do the project with the kids.  But, he is lucky enough to be out of town and the little and I mean little seeds need to be planted.  There is no way the kids can back out of this project, the seeds are to small for my hands!  

To my surprise the boys enjoyed planting the seeds.  We had a few laughs because Mom read the directions but forgot what she read!  I had to dump the cold water out and put warm water in.  I had to keep adding water because I never bothered to actually measure the water...Yep. I am so into this project! Then the lid does not seem to stay shut or latch shut.  I was told to leave it, quit messing with it, it is fine...who is the teacher here again?  Let's not forget that I cannot figure out if I need to water these things or not.  It seems to look like I don't, there is a lot of water at the bottom of the pan, moisture (green house type) and I dumped some water out.  Anyway, if it fails I am off to the store to buy some plants...


  1. Good Luck. Maybe the kids have green thumbs. ;)

  2. Hahaha! That's totally us too. I just went to the nursery and purchased a cherry tomato plant in anticipation that ours will not really grow. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. BTW, came over from the Hip Homeschool. Love your site! Adding to my reader immediately :)

  3. I am happy to report things are actually growing! Now if it will just stop raining and snowing maybe I can actually get these things planted. LOL.

    Thank you both for stopping by!

  4. We started seeds inside this year, too, but now I just really want them off my kitchen counter and in the garden! :D

  5. Becca - I feel the same way right now. Thanks for popping in!