Tuesday, October 30, 2012

101 Places

I checked out the book 101 Places You Gotta See Before You're 12! from the library the other day.  As we looked through the book we became excited because we had been to many of the places.  Yahoo for us - we were not even trying!

1.  Lighthouse.  Well, we looked at one across the Bay by Lake Superior.  Does that count?
2.  A Skatepark

 3.  A Working Farm

4.  An Animal Rescue Center - Hayward WI

5.  A Waterfall
6.  A Swimming Hole
7.  An Art Museum
8.  A Wind Farm - We drive by these all the time in MN and IA

9.  An Aquarium - Georgia Aquarium

10.  The House Where Your Parents Grew Up

11.  A Famous Field

12.  A Big Cave - PA

13.  A Wildlife Refuge
14. A Farmer's Market
15.  A Pigpen
16. A Repair Shop
17. A Place of Worship

18. A Fort - Fort Snelling, MN

19. A Dinosaur Site
20.  An Archeological Site
21.  Hall of Fame
22. A Courthouse
23. A Subway

24.  An Airplane Hangar or Collection

25. A School That Is Different From Yours
26. A People Watching Place
27.  Space Places 

28. Marvels of Engineering 

29.  A Battlefield

30. Famous Road -Washington DC Mall

31. Places Where They Make Cool Stuff (Hershey PA)

32. Cemetery - Gettysburg
32. Cemetery - Arlington

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  1. Oh, I have to get this book! Great recommendation!