Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Fun At The Beach

The beach is a fun place to go but what happens when the kiddo's get board - if that is possible! Here are some fun ideas when they just do not want to be in the water.

1. Collect items to make a wind chime when you get home.
2. Sandscrapers - see who can make the highest and most unusual towers.
3. Gilligan's Island - Pretend you are stranded on and island. You need to gather food, make a fishing pole, build shelter for just a few ideas.
4. Jewelry - Collect shells to make jewelry when you get home.
5. Bowling - Use a beach ball and either use empty water bottles or family members as the pins.
6. Hopscotch - Using a stick draw hopscotch in the sand.
7. Buried Treasure - Each take turns and bury an object under the sand. Start by asking questions, with each YES answer take a scoop of sand off of the pile.
8. Sundial - Make your own sundial in the sand using a stick. Place a stick standing straight up into the flat sand. Every hour make a mark.
9. Sea Science - Bring two cups to the beach and fresh water. Find out what sinks and what floats in salt water vs. the fresh water.
10. Scavenger Hunt - You will need paper and a pencil. Write the alphabet on the paper and then find items on the beach that starts with each letter.
11. Yacht Building - Using driftwood build a boat with a seaweed sail.
12. Pick up Sticks - Find sticks on the beach and then play a game of pick up sticks.
13. Bubbles - Bring bubbles to the beach, how long do they last after landing in the water? Dig a hole and blow bubbles in the hole and see how many you can catch in the hole.
14. How Hot? Bring a cooking thermometer, paper and a pencil. Take the temperature in various parts of the beach, which part is the hottest? Coldest? Try taking the temperature under the rocks, water, under your towel.
15. Sand Blast - Construction paper and glue needed. Start by making a design on the paper with glue. Then while glue is still wet gently sprinkle sand over the design. Let it sit for a moment, then tip paper so the extra sand spills off. (I would bring sand home to do this at home)

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  1. Great ideas! Although my kids don't usually complain about being board at the beach--it is nice to have some new ideas! Thanks for sharing.