Friday, June 25, 2010

Washington D.C. Part 3

Washington D.C. is a city that I do not think you can ever visit and say you did it all! The main goal of our trip was to visit Grams and Gramps. We had loads of fun with them. The kids did not complain once about all of the walking. Unlike their Mom who had a hard time keeping up with everyone.

Earlier I mentioned Ryan was looking for a snowcone at the National Zoo. None were to be found at the Zoo. However, when we went back downtown D.C. Ryan hopped off of the Metro and found a snowcone! {see him eating it in the picture above} It was 10 am, but who cares, both boys enjoyed their treat as they took the long walk across the Mall.

We also saw Mount Vernon. Ryan was learning all about George Washington before we went to D.C. so this was his field trip.

We learned about how George looked to the Bible for planting his fields. He had outhouses for his slaves, gutters along the walking paths, and his slaves became free men, women and children when he died. He is also buried on his property -thinking ahead he put in his will that he was to be buried at Mount Vernon. {Smart man!}

This is the view George Washington had from Mount Vernon. Doesn't it just calm your soul?West Virgina has made a pack with Virgina not to disturb the landscape that is seen from Mount Vernon.

Mr. Washington also had various kinds of livestock.

We all enjoyed our trip and would like to go back soon.

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