Saturday, June 12, 2010

Twins and Nature Study

We went to our first Twins game as a family last night. I would never have dreamed that it could and would be a Nature Study! As soon as we parked on the 7th Street in Minneapolis, Ryan found a squirrel! Once seated in the stadium we had a great view of the city and of many birds that were flying around in the stadium. I thought I was the only one watching them but I guess Ryan was talking to his Dad about all of the Nature items throughout the game. Dad also taught Ryan how to read the scoreboard and what all of it meant. Shawn also had the opportunity to teach me about what exactly a ‘Ball’ is. Jacob was our quite one – he just wanted to watch the game in peace.

This last Wednesday we went on a walk as a family for the Nature Study. Jacob found a tree root that resembled a balance beam and Ryan was looking for the dead bird from a few days ago. Ryan never did find the bird again. Either it was picked up or a dog ate it (hope it was not my dog!).

A few days have pasted since our Wednesday walk. I had the boys who are making forts write in their Nature Journals while in their forts. Ryan added his 'dead' bird that he did not find and the Twins Stadium. Jacob and I did discuss why the tree root was above the ground and not below. They both enjoy writing and drawing in their Journals, I am beginning to think that they do not realize they are doing a Nature Study at this point in time.

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